Issue 8: Ambivalent Criticism

Edited by Michael Dango and Tina Post

An Introduction to Ambivalent Criticism

Michael Dango and Tina Post

Circuit Training: The Critique of Narrative Reason

Mark Seltzer

In the Same Room, Again: Anecdotes about Feminist Meetings

Summer Kim Lee

Reading Interculturalism After Kalamandalam

Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan

Racialized Femininity and Representation’s Ambivalences in Trajal Harrell’s The Return of La Argentina

Amber Jamilla Musser

Caribbean Conflagrations: Camouflage, Ambivalence, and Anti-Analogical Entanglements

Christina A. León

Afterword: Ten More Sites of Ambivalence in the “Open”

Michael Dango and Tina Post